Boris Briozzo, alias Aksyn Elek, Electronic Music Composer



I was born in Menton (FR), on 25 January 1991, to Italian parents. I live in a little Italian village not so far from the border with France and, at the moment, I’m studying law in Genova. I’m vegeterian and I do believe in Macrobiotics. I hate pollution… That’s why I trust in an eco-compatible scientific approach and industrial progress, a smart and gentle interpenetration between nature and technology… I’m keen about philosophy and esoterism: among my favourite writers and thinkers are Dostoevskij, Tolstoij, Heraclitus, Schelling
(for his Theory of the Metaphysics of Music) and Nietzsche. Of course, I love music… I’ve played the piano for 10 years, studied sol-fa and composition at the conservatoire – even if I’ve always preferred a more personal and intimistic approach with music – and dedicated most of my time to listening every kind of classical and modern music… My favourite musicians are Bach, Schubert, Schumann, Chopin, Scriabin, Prokofiev, Shostakovich, Myaskovskij, Debussy and many others… As regards modern music, I admire The Hybrid, Aphex Twin, Ulrich Schnauss, The Future Sound of London, The Muse, The Radiohead, The Coldplay, Steven Wilson, Michael Andrews, Keane, The Rasmus, Trentemoller and more… I think music (and art, generally) should always have something “new” to tell… I’m sick of boring, repetitive, obsolete ways of expression… Let’s try to make people see what they usually don’t… Let’s break the stereotypes, let’s knock them down… Human mind deserves more than intellectual and sensory stagnation… As for my other hobbies, I like martial arts, extreme skiing, travelling, writing poetries, watching good films, going out with my girlfriend, computer graphics, night life (not in the clubs/disco, which I don’t like at all), technology, virtual worlds experiences, any kind of challenging adventures and, last but not least, my BMW Mini Cooper… 😉 My personality? Well, I’m pretty unpredictable and lunatic… I love my good principles as much as to stay on my own, or together with a few people… I hate noisy crowdy places… I think too much: this sometimes makes me psychologically weak and sensorially introvert, yet my will does not resent at all of this fragility… I’m the “romantic type”: I do believe in a rare divine kind of love…



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